Authentic Thai Cuisine

Lunch & Dinner Specials

Served with your choice of
Spring Roll • Chicken Wing • Gyoza Dumpling • Fried Tofu • Crab Wonton

And a choice of
Tom Yum Soup • Tom Kha Soup • Wonton Soup • Dumpling Soup • Tofu Soup

Noodles and Fried Rice

Basil Pad Thai
Pad Si Ew
Pad Ki Mow
Pad Thai
Bangkok Fried Rice
Drunken Fried Rice
Siam Fried Rice
Kua Gai

Curry Offerings

Red Curry
Green Curry
Yellow Curry
Panang Curry
Pineapple Curry
Masaman Curry
Prik Kning Curry
Mango Curry

Vegetable Corner

Tofu Royal
Excited Tofu
Tofu Tamarind
Vegetable Curry
Spicy Tofu Pad Thai
Vegetable Fried Rice
Tofu Minted Fried Rice

Pan Fried Dishes

Spicy Prik Kning
Cashew Nut
Sweet and Sour
Thai Garden

All dishes served with your choice of Chicken, Pork or Tofu. Add $1.50 for the choice of beef, duck or seafood.


4.95 A9 Crab Rangoon (6 pcs)

Fried wonton wrappers stuffed with cream cheese, lightly flaked crab meat and onion.

4.75 A13 Golden Triangles

Golden fried tofu triangle served with sweet & sour topped with crushed peanuts.

5.95 A14 Cozy Shrimp

Homemade whole shrimp spring rolls with sweet & sour sauce.

12.95 A16 Combo Platter

A platter of chicken and beef satay, Bangkok roll, cozy shrimp, chicken wing, gyoza dumpling and crab rangoon.

11.95 A17 Vegetarian Combo Platter

A platter of vegetable rolls, vegetable pancake, vegetable tempura, vegetable dumpling, golden triangles and edamame.

5.95 A20 Kai Look Kaey

Fried boiled eggs topped with house special tamarind sauce, garnish with fried charlotte and cilantro.

7.95 A21 Sai Ouar

Thai style spicy sausages served on top of lettuce with side of cucumber, fresh chili and pickle ginger.

5.95 A22 Moo Ping

Marinated pork on sticks served with jaew sauce.


3.25 S1 Tom Yum **

Famous Thai hot and sour soup spiced with chili, lemon grass, mushrooms and lime juice.

3.25 S2 Tom Kha Gai

Mild and delicious chicken soup with coconut milk, galanga and lime juice.

3.25 S3 Hot & Sour Soup **

Famous Thai style hot and sour in clear soup with fresh chili and straw mushroom.

2.95 S4 Tofu Soup

Fresh soft tofu with mixed vegetable in a mild clear soup.

2.95 S10 Omelets Soup

Sliced omelets with ground chicken, scallion and on top with cilantros.


4.25 SL1 Mixed Salad

Mixed green salad served with special house dressing.

5.35 SL3 Thai Salad

Fresh vegetables, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, tomatoes topped with tofu & egg, served with peanut sauce.

8.50 SL4 Larb Kai * *

Mixed chicken tossed with shallots and scallions, spicy Thai herbs, cilantro in spicy lime sauce served with sticky rice.

8.50 SL5 Som Tum (Papaya Salad) * *

Thai spicy salad in lime juice with fresh papaya strips and hot chili, minced dry shrimp, tomatoes and peanuts served with sticky rice.

8.95 SL6 Yum Woon Sen * * *

Thai spicy salad in lime juice with jelly noodle, shrimps, ground pork and cilantro.

12.95 SL7 Yum Seafood * * *

Thai spicy salad in lime juice with shrimps, squid, scallops, mussels, jelly noodle and cilantro.

Pad Thai

7.25 PT1 Pad Thai

The most famous Thai noodle dish. Fried with chicken and shrimp, ground peanuts, egg and bean sprouts. (for only shrimp, add $1.00)

7.25 PT2 Crispy Pad Thai

Chicken and shrimp with pan-fried noodles, bean sprouts, egg and scallion with ground peanuts.

7.55 PT4 Basil Pad Thai *

The most famous Thai noodle dish fried with chicken, shrimp and egg in spicy basil leaves.

Noodle Soups

Served with your choice of noodle:
Rice Noodle • Chow Fun Noodle • Egg Noodle • Jelly Noodle • Whole Wheat Noodle • Thin Small Rice Noodle • Wonton Egg Noodle

6.50 NS1 Chicken Noodle Soup *

Famous Thai noodle soup in spices, sweet and sour with ground chicken, bean sprouts topped with ground peanuts.

6.50 NS2 Guay–Teow Gai

Boiled chicken and bean sprout in clear chicken broth, topped with cilantro, fried garlic.

6.50 NS3 Guay–Teow Neur

Thin sliced beef with Thai herbs soup, bean sprouts, chopped scallions and cilantro.

8.95 NS4 Yen Ta Fo

Seafood soup in special sauce with Chinese watercress.

8.95 NS5 Su Ki Ya Ki *

Seafood soup with Thai style spicy special sauce and Asian vegetables.

6.95 NS6 Beef Stew Noodle Soup

Beef stew and beef balls in Thai herbs soup, bean sprouts, chopped celery leaves and cilantro.

Fried Rice

6.95 FR2 Bangkok Fried Rice

Fried rice with choice of chicken, beef or pork, snow peas, green peas, onions and tomatoes.

8.50 FR8 Minted Fried Rice

Fried rice with chicken, beef or pork with freshly minced Thai spicy herb and vegetable.

Noodle Dish

7.50 N1 Pad Si Ew

Pan fried wide rice noodle with chicken, beef or pork, Chinese broccoli, egg and white pepper in brown sauce.

7.50 N2 Pad Ki Mow * *

Pan fried wide rice noodle with ground chicken, onions, egg, hot peppers and basil leaves.

7.50 N3 Kau Gai

Sautéed chicken, wide rice noodle with cilantro, scallions, egg and white pepper in a special sauce

7.50 N4 Rad Nar

Choice of chicken, beer or pork with broad noodles and Chinese broccoli.

9.50 N5 Pad Singapore *

Pan fried thin rice noodles with mixed seafood, eggs, bean sprouts, scallions and mild yellow curry sauce.

7.50 N6 Brighton Ave. Noodle

Pan fried whole wheat noodles with chicken, assorted mushrooms, onion, red pepper, bean spouts, scallions and carrot.

7.95 N7 Pad Sriracha *

Pan fried wide rice noodle with sriracha sauce, chicken, shrimp, scallion, red onion, and carrot.

7.95 N8 Pad Basil Noodle *

Pan fried wide rice noodle with hot basil sauce, chicken, shrimp, onion, egg, hot peppers and basil leaves.

7.95 N9 Pad Yen Ta Fo

Stir fried thin rice noodle with yen ta fo sauce, chicken, fried tofu, egg, Chinese watercress, and crispy pork on top

7.95 N10 Pad Su Ki Ya Ki

Pan fried jelly noodles with Thai style spicy special sauce, seafood, napa, scallion, celery and egg.

7.95 N11 Pad Woon Sen

Thai jelly noodles fried with shrimp and chicken, green peas, eggs, napa, black mushrooms and scallions.

7.95 N12 Pad Siam Noodle

Pan fried wide rice noodles with chicken, shrimp, bean sprouts and Asian vegetable

7.95 N13 Pad Kapow Noodle * * *

Pan fried wide rice noodles with ground chicken, pork or beef in Thai style spicy and sweet basil sauce.

7.50 N14 Thai Lo Mein

Pan fried yellow noodles with assorted mushrooms with chicken, onions, carrot, scallion and bean sprouts in chef’s special sauce.

Curry Offerings

Served with a choice of
white rice • brown rice • rice noodle • egg noodle • whole wheat noodles

C1 Red Curry * *

Sauteed meat in Thai red curry sauce with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, pepper, sweet basil, carrot and eggplant

C2 Green Curry * *

Sauteed meat in hot green curry sauce with string beans, bamboo shoots, pepper.

C3 Yellow Curry * *

Sauteed meat in mild yellow curry sauce with pineapple, onion tomatoes and yellow squash.

C4 Masaman *

Sauteed meat in fine Thai Indonesian curry sauce with potatoes, peanut, onion and carrots

C5 Salmon Curry * *

Sauteed fresh salmon chunks with snowpeas, green peas, pepper and fresh basil leaves.

C6 Lychees Curry *

Choice of shrimps, squid or seafood in Thai curry sauce and vegetables.

C8 Mango Curry *

Sautéed meat in yellow curry sauce with pepper, onion and straw mushrooms.

Pan-Fried Dishes

Served with a choice of
white rice • brown rice • rice noodle • egg noodle • whole wheat noodles

PD1 Spicy Prik Khing * *

Sauteed meat in special chili ginger sauce with string beans, lemon leaves, green chili, peppers and carrot

PD2 Pad Cashew Nuts *

Sliced meat with roasted cashew nuts, dried chili, onion mushrooms, carrot, snow peas and scallions.

PD3 Basil * * *

Sauteed tender meat with fresh minced hot peppers, fresh basil leaves, carrot, mushrooms, pepper and onions.

PD4 Ginger

Sauteed meat and ginger in a fragrant sauce with black mushrooms, carrot, onions and scallions.

PD5 Garlic

Sliced meat marinated in garlic oil, white pepper, coriander root and special sauce, stir fried with garlic and scallions.

PD6 Broccoli

Sauteed meat with broccoli, straw mushroom and carrot in oyster sauce.

Fish Offerings

Available steamed, grilled or pan fried.

F1 Ginger Sauce

Aromatic ginger sauce, garnished with shredded ginger, onions, black mushroom, peppers and scallions.

F2 Tamarind Sauce

In sweet and sour tamarind sauce with shredded ginger, onions, peppers, pineapple chunks, snowpeas, green peas and scallions.

F3 Choo Chee Sauce * *

Thai hot choo chee curry with snowpeas, green peas, onions, tomatoes, carrot, zucchini, summer squash, peppers and sweet basil.

F4 Chili Basil Sauce * *

A special blend of Thai herbs in hot chili oil and peppers, topped with crispy sweet basil leaves.

Vegetarian Corner $7.25

Served with a choice of
White rice • brown rice • rice noodle • egg noodle • whole wheat noodles

V1 Tofu Royal

Fried fresh tofu topped with mushrooms, snowpeas, bean sprouts, scallions and brown ginger sauce.

V3 Excited Tofu

Fresh tofu topped with soy ginger and black mushroom sauce

V5 Noodle Tofu

Pan fried fresh rice noodles with tofu and assorted vegetables.

V6 Vegetable Pad Thai

Stir fried fresh rice noodle with egg, bean sprouts, ground peanuts and vegetable

V7 Tofu Delight

Soft tofu with numpla, mushroom, straw mushroom in soy bean sauce.


Served with a choice of
white rice • brown rice • rice noodle • egg noodle • whole wheat noodles

15.95 P1 Tamarind Duck

Half boneless roasted duck with tamarind sauce served on a bed of boiled fresh broccoli.

9.75 P3 Duck Chili * *

Sauteed sliced boneless roasted duck in spicy sweet and sour sauce with onions, tomatoes, mushroom, dried chili, shredded ginger, pineapple chunks, scallions and topped with roasted cashew nuts.

9.75 P4 Bangkok Duck

Boneless roasted duck sauteed in house special sauce with assorted vegetables

8.25 P5 Pine Nut Chicken

Tender sliced chicken sauteed with assorted vegetables in house ginger sauce and topped with roasted pine nuts.


Served with a choice of
white rice • brown rice • rice noodle • egg noodle • whole wheat noodles

9.25 B1 Hot Beef * * *

Sautéed tender slices of beef and assorted vegetables together with a delicious southern Thai curry sauce.

9.25 B2 Beef Lemongrass * *

Marinated sliced sirloin, garlic celery, mushroom, carrot and shallots sauteed to perfection.

9.25 B3 Beef Macadamia

Marinated cubes of tender beef stir fried with assorted mushrooms, peppers, shredded ginger, scallions on a bed of fresh watercress and topped with macadamia

9.25 B4 Racha Beef

Marinated sliced sirloin and Asian vegetable with special yellow powder sauce and egg.

9.25 B5 Beef Panang * *

Sautéed of sliced beef sirloin in spicy Thai panang curry, lemon leaves, green beans and mushrooms.

9.25 B6 Yum Nuer * *

Sliced sirloin with lime sauce and fresh vegetables.

9.25 B7 Nam Tok Nuer * * *

Sliced sirloin tossed with shallots and scallions, spicy Thai herbs, cilantro in spicy lime sauce


Served with a choice of
white rice • brown rice • rice noodle • egg noodle • whole wheat noodles

9.95 SF1 Shrimp Garlic

Shrimp marinated in garlic oil, white pepper, coriander roots and thin soy sauce. Stir fried with garlic and onions.

11.95 SF3 Lemon Scallops *

A sautéed of sea scallops with fresh lemon sauce, garlic, black mushrooms and green oriental vegetables

13.95 SF4 Ocean Madness * *

Sautéed shrimp, scallops, mussel, squid and chunks of fish in hot chili with onions, mushroom and pepper with spices and herbs.

12.95 SF6 Chili Scallop * *

Sautéed sea scallops with fresh chili, bamboo shoot, mushrooms, onions and red peppers.

15.95 SF7 Seafood Paradise *

Sautéed jumbo shrimps, scallops, squid, mussels, chunks of salmon in sriracha special sauce with carrot, onion, peppers and straw mushrooms

15.95 SF9 Tamarind Seafood

Sautéed jumbo shrimp, squid and scallops with tamarind sauce and vegetables

12.95 SF12 Seafood Kapow * *

Sautéed shrimp, squid, sea scallops, mussels in spicy basil sauce with assorted vegetable.

House Specialties

Served with a choice of
white rice • brown rice • rice noodle • egg noodle • whole wheat noodles

9.25 H1 Crispy Chicken Basil * *

Crispy chicken sauteed tender meat with fresh minced hot peppers, fresh basil leaves, mushrooms and onions

8.95 H2 Spicy String Beans * *

Tender sliced pork or chicken in mild red curry sauce with green beans, snow peas, roasted cashew nuts, ground peanut and assorted peppers

8.95 H3 Thai Garden

Boiled chicken on a bed of cauliflower, green beans, broccoli and carrot topped with special peanuts sauce

Authentic Specialties